Data is the mechanism for measurement as well as accountability. The most effective form of management and the only kind that properly works is management by objective. Solid solutions require accurate and timely data to observe and assess. In my lifespan, my experience has typically been “what you don’t know, you don’t know.” This can be understood and simplified by how many times I have suffered as an entrepreneur.

Any professional sports team that experiences success on the field will always have team objectives, along with the obvious desire to win. Every portion of winning is measured meticulously and observed by the professional coaches after each game. Each player of the team has their own individual objectives to measure in which the player will also go over with their coaches to evaluate. Data is constantly being gathered across various domains in order to continuously improve strategies, objectives, tactics and plans to win now and ultimately in the long run.

In the game of business, Rapid Response Systems is capable of quickly collecting valuable data immediately when your team takes any field. How can you manage every risk, develop relevant action plans and ensure the safety of every single person on your team with accurate and timely data?

Normally as professionals in our field we cannot. We simply collect data and observe all of it to the best of our abilities. No one intentionally makes decisions without air monitoring, site safety evaluations and a well thought out work plan. Perhaps we even delay our acting plans until we can get all the information we need. The saying “Time is Money” and “Safety is in the Details” couldn’t be more relevant then in our field of work.

Customers, Consultants, First Responders, Claims Adjusters, Legal Departments, and Agencies need cold, hard, facts and data to make definitively, intelligent decisions. Making decisions on what you and/or your employees think is happening, feel, have a sense of, ect., can be costly and dangerous. In most cases, this strategy can be reckless and lead to serious consequences.

Our focus at Rapid Response Systems is to make the marketplace aware of emerging and disruptive technologies that save time, energy, money and create new opportunities for our customers. Our experience in industrial and environmental workspaces, our commitment to the relentless/constant pursuit to identify valuable and powerful tools, allows RRS to make offers to our customers that can save them millions of dollars over time or perhaps even save lives.

Cross sensor integration across multiple platforms and a 24/7 365 mentality gives us capabilities to collect data to improve:

  • Current Modeling Standards
  • Situational Awareness
  • Action Plans
  • Lower Risk
  • Improve Safety

RRS transports an array of sensors and new technology to every site and deploys them with
handheld platforms and Unmanned Aerial Systems.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Thermal Sensor
  • Lidar
  • Slam Technology
  • RGB Cameras
  • Air Monitors
  • Radiation Monitor
  • Tactical Mesh Communication Systems

After data collection, we are able to use powerful software systems to immediately start
making assessments.

  • Drone Mapping
  • 3D Modeling (Subsurface, Structures, Events in time, Terrain, and Situations)
  • Cross Sensor Integration (ex. Air Monitoring Data Logging and Slam Technology)
  • Accurate Data Transfer to your most valued consultants
  • Encrypted Cloud Based Storage (Don’t Lose that Data again)
  • Deliverable Reports (only Limited by your imagination)
  • Volumetric Calculations
  • GPS Positioning

Site restrictions are a part of every site. Safety training, FAA Part 107 licenses, MSHA, OSHA, Confined Spaces, Confined Space Rescue, First Aid/CPR, Track Protection, E-Rail Safe, Medical Testing, Respirator Fit Testing, and Facility Specific Training can all delay your data collection. Each of our Data Collection Managers can electronically present valid certifications for each restriction or safety obligation and RRS is prepared to complete your site specific training in advance and sign master service agreements to ensure the data collection process will not be delayed. One of our solutions for grounded UAS operations is our hand-held Lidar system using SLAM technology. We can capture millions of cloud points on the ground with our data collection managers. When we cross integrate AeroPoint and video information, RRS can produce a highly accurate map or 3D model of your terrain, structure or event that becomes its digital twin. Our managers are trained and equipped with personal protective equipment to gain access to hazardous and dangerous environments. Data can be encrypted and transferred to our customers trusted consultants or it can be processed in to powerful 3D and 2D representations.